Between Writing and Speaking

Writing is different from talking. Writing requires at least special skills that must be learned and always trained. While talking may just need to be habituated. The senses needed when learning to speak consist of the eyes, ears, and tongue. Eyes to see the movements that people make for example to talk to, especially seeing mouth movements and facial expressions. The ear to hear the word spoken, and the tongue tries to follow it with the word we are trying to get out. That is why, a healthy and normal child (his eyes can see, his ears can hear, and his tongue can be moved to say) then generally will easily follow. It requires habituation while sharpening the abilities and reflexes of the three senses. So, young children who want to learn to speak do not need to learn letters first, nor do they need a lot of theories of writing, and how to arrange good words. He, will spontaneously follow every letter spoken by another person (whether his mother, father, brother, or friend etc.). They (including us) can learn to talk without complex skills. Go with the flow.

Well, while writing, this requires additional skills. Even additional motivation. Because of what? Because writing is not talent, because writing is very different from talking. Many people can speak, even fluently, even though it turns out he is illiterate. While people who can write, it is impossible if he is illiterate. Maybe this also distinguishes the ability of each person in writing. In essence, not everyone can write, even though he speaks very fluently and even the rhetoric is good. Anyway, even though the speech was not good, at least he could speak. Can communicate verbally (words) with other people.

So in my opinion, people who can write are people who should feel happy. Because of what? Because it can do skills that are rarely done by other healthy and normal people. Generally, all healthy and normal people can talk, but not all of them can write. This is also grouped into two: first, people who cannot write at all aka illiterate; and second, people who cannot write in the sense of delivering messages through writing. Of the two groups, they can both talk, but they can’t write.

Let’s write!

Stream your ideas to work through writing. It’s a big loss when I don’t try to be able to convey the message we want through writing. In fact, it’s very unique, fun, and interesting compared to talking. We are able to convey messages through words (speaking), but not always can the message arrive easily. If you call someone, want to mobilize your ability to convey your greatness in speaking to influence him, while his cellphone when you call is not activated, that means there are obstacles. What you want to convey is deadlocked. At a minimum, you have to wait until your friend’s cellphone is activated.

And again, of course you can’t always be in a condition ready to call. Sometimes, you are in a condition of having to convey a message through writing. Suppose you are busy, while telling your friends by talking on the phone will take time, especially if you are happy to chat. So, the effective step is to send an SMS to his cellphone, or maybe send an e-mail, or it could just write memo for him because when we arrived at his house he was not there. We leave memo with our written message. But, even that still with a note: he activated his cellphone; open e-mail, and not out of town. This means it’s a matter of technical constraints. Apart from that, writing skills must still be possessed. At a minimum as a complementary skill to convey a message for those who are used to and are proficient in speaking rhetoric.

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