Effective Ways to Play Domino QQ Online

Winning in Dominoqq is one of the wishes of all domino players. This game already has rules or how to play that is almost the same as poker, which plays the game is the card used. Domino games qq online use the so-called dominoes, whereas poker games use cards called playing cards. This game has been around for a long time and technology has been developing for a long time and now it has also been incorporated into online gambling games on every online gambling site in Indonesia. For those of you who want to win in this one game, you must really have a promising strategy or trick. Because we know that those who play on online gambling sites are people from various parts of Indonesia who have tricks to win. Therefore, this time I will help you solve this problem, just read and see the following way or trick:

Some Tricks to Win Domino QQ Online


This trick is an important trick and you must try to win to domino. You must be very good at bluffing so you don’t get caught with your opponents. The trick, when just starting to play, if your card is bad, you should close the card or fold, so continue until you get a good card. It’s been a while for you to play using that method, when you get a bad card, you try to continue to play, surely your opponents will think that you get a good card, because you always fold when a bad card and continue playing when a good card .

Fold it

Doing fold is also an important strategy. When playing dominoes, don’t hesitate to fold, folding does not mean we are afraid of opponents, but we are looking for the right time to win dominoes. To play domino qq online, we also really need to use the mind instead of relying on prestige. With this fold sometimes we can also reduce the risk of losing a large number.

Watch your opponent’s game

Before you play or sit at the game table, you should also consider the way your opponents first play. You can see how your opponents are doing in a few rounds, if you already know and are sure, you can immediately sit and play.


Capital is one thing that is very important, because if there is no capital we cannot play. Bring enough capital so that you can play comfortably without thinking about whether or not your capital is depleted. Because this will really bother you when playing.

Moving seats

If you often get bad cards, you can immediately try this method. You can just try moving to another seat that you think has hokky and always comes out a good card. This is a method that is very often used by every online gambling player.

Some Tricks Win From Within Yourself

Being patient certainly will bring good things for us. Same thing with playing online gambling domino qq, if we are patient, the victory will certainly come to us. Why? Because if you play with emotions and are impatient, you will be very easily carried away by emotions and provoked by the opponent’s game. Therefore, practice to be patient to play online gambling.

Concentration and focus

Playing Domino QQ also requires the name concentration and focus, if you can’t focus on playing, then defeat is waiting for you at the end of the game. Stay focused and understand how to play your opponent and use strategy at the right time, surely victory will be waiting for you.

These are some ways or tricks that we can convey to all of you. Hopefully the way we try to convey hopefully this trick can help you in winning online gambling online dominoes. This is the gambler, good luck, and hopefully you will win a lot.